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How to Backup Android Device Completely Root & No-root


If you carry a phone then it allows having an app that saves battery life in real-time. The most popular one is Greenify which can discover which application is draining the battery while not being used. The app puts them in hibernation mode so that battery can last longer than normal. It is important that you begin to tinker around with android software. If you uninstall something important then this can be used to backup user data.

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So if that’s all well and good, then please refer to our detailed guide on Unlock Bootloader on Nothing Phone 1 [and its Critical Partition]. Once done, don’t restore the backup now as well will again have to format the device in the subsequent steps. While the device is yet to be officially blessed with the Android 13 update but we already have the support of two custom ROMs with the latest OS build.

  • Follow the guidelines below to install scatter firmware using the SP Flash Tool on MediaTek devices.
  • Reboot your phone when you’re done and make sure you never make the mistake of deleting those backup files.
  • That way, if anything goes wrong, you can restore your phone to its pre-broken state.
  • You can install the latest Android stock ROM 5.1.1 firmware or the KitKat firmware onto your Xperia Z3.

We cover multiple examples, from Bluetooth and FTP servers to various useful third-party apps. Google One integrates this part during its initial setup process, but you may not be interested in using Google One. Google Photos is a great standalone backup option if you’re only concerned with saving your photos and videos. Next, during the installation phase, you have to recreate the internal data partition from scratch, which means another wipe is necessary.

  • Back in the Actions screen check that your selected actions are listed in the order the app will perform them.
  • So gain the process and get know how to Nandroid backup on Android devices.
  • However, it is important to note that the tool is intended for users with certain technical expertise.
  • You can also install them right from your PC/Mac if you opt for the adb sideload method.
  • You may then root your device by flashing the modified boot image file with the Fastboot command.
  • This article explains how to install a custom ROM on a rooted Android device using the popular recovery utility TWRP.

The app runs from and backs up your phone’s data to your desktop, and does it all without root. You can choose any destination from the list without having to worry about the process. As soon as you select the destination, the backup automatically starts. After installation, you need to launch the app on your android device. As soon as you launch, a message would appear prompting you to enable backup by connecting to the Helium Desktop Application. Connect your android device to the computer via a USB cable. Whether it is the complete backup of our Android device or any section of media files that we need to secure, backups are the prime solution.